Our currently available titles:

CRBfront100The Cat Rule Book by Deni Raqueteur (Humour)





FrontCover100  Front100

Jack Dawkins, A Christmas With The Dodger by Charlton Daines (Literary Historic Fiction)




SeriesTrilogyFront125The Goblin Trilogy by Jaq D Hawkins (Fantasy)

consisting of Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance and Power of the Dance





Wakefront100The Wake of the Dragon by Jaq D Hawkins (Steampunk)





The Chronicles of the Harekaiian by Shanna Lauffey (Science Fiction)

A 10 episode time travel series with adventure, mystery and just a touch of romance

Time Shifters, Children of the Morning,  Continuum, Plausible Deniability, The Future Memory Man currently available. More coming soon!

TimeShifters150 Front150 Ep3Front125

Front-ep4-100 Front100 FrontEp6-100 SCoT-Front100

Also Coming soon:

Ethnic Favours in Food Made Easy by Deni Raqueteur (Cookery)

Ethnic Flavours for Vegetarian and Vegan food by Deni Raqueteur (Cookery)

EFMEfront100 EFFVaVFfront100

Coming later this year:

In Name Only by Hilary Ward (Romance)