More expansion

Golbin Publishing is pleased to announce new titles coming up!

Frontvol1-300pxCharlton Daines is working on a new book continuing the adventures of Reg Dawkins. Jaq D. Hawkins is finishing a new SciFi/Fantasy called The Chase for Choronzon, a romp through time and space due out this year. Shanna Lauffey is to release Episode Six of The Chronicles of the Harekaiian in June and Episode Seven is already in progress! Meanwhile, a combined volume of Episodes One – Five is now available in ebook form on Amazon and in paperback on Lulu, soon to also become available on Amazon and all paperback retailers.

Our newer authors are also busy finishing books on cookery, poetry and Ms. Hawkins will have new offerings for the Metaphysical section soon!


The Goblin Trilogy, now in one volume!

TrilogyFront125 Golbin Publishing has released a combined edition of all three stories in The Goblin Trilogy by Jaq D Hawkins. The ebook version is exclusive to Amazon and paperback is also available through all outlets. The ebook will be on sale over Christmas, so watch for special deals on Amazon!

The New Home of Golbin Publishing

As you can see, Golbin Publishing has a new home. WordPress allows more pages and flexibility in design than our old site host, so now we can bring you more up to date news on new titles and plans for the future.

Our next release, due in June 2016:


The past comes back to haunt Kallie when she travels back to a time in her youth to follow Mason’s trail. Other lives and other loves distract her from her task; to determine how Mason is traveling through time.

Another time traveler is discovered who may hold the secret Kallie needs to discover, but first she needs to capture the elusive nemesis who has plagued her across the years.